Let's do this art project together! (But, actually, I'll do all the hard parts).

You love your old photos - the missing teeth, the funny school scissors haircut, the way your littlest is looking up at Dad in the one that grandma took. But, more often than not, it's hard to get those beloved memories onto the wall where they belong.

Let me help you. I'll come to your home and we'll talk through everything you have.Then, we'll pick frames that coordinate with your walls.  I'll deliver and hang everything up for you!

you need a curator

out of shoebox purgatory

Custom frames typically take about 3 weeks to get to you. But, if you are working with a gift date, tell me so I can help!

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The sizes you need are particular to your space. Creating proportionality is essential for making it look 'right' in the space, so we'll talk through sizing during your Consultation.

what size prints?

I have both packages and à la carte options for a range of budgets. We can go as simple or as upgraded as you prefer.



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I am a Frame Enthusiast! I am constantly on the lookout for the lastest and most glorious finishes. I have frames for all price ranges and all home decorating palettes. 

After we talk through what your style is, I'll arrive at your home with frames I've selected just for you.

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Absolutely. I find that most of my clients have a backlog of memories in a shoe box or on a thumb drive. Their busy lives prevent them from realizing the Pinterest-worthy family gallery wall. I usually look at all the photos my clients have in their digital or real 'shoebox' and help them cull and choose the right ones.

Can you help with my past photos?

My selection of framing is totally customizable. I have everything from sleek white or black to mother of pearl inlay with linen mat mouldings. 

do frames come with a mat?
What finishes do you have?

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I will help you with this. Some images should definitely not be gigantic, while others look completely wonderful in large format. When we look at your images, they will speak to us and we'll decide what they will become!

will big images of faces will be 'too much' on my walls

It is extremely important to me that you have something you absolutely love on your walls. If something breaks or is 'off', just tell me and I will fix it!

what if something isn't right when my frames arrive?

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Absolutely. My editors can tackle just about anything, even with photos from your memory box that you'd now like to have on the wall.

Do you retouch pimples, etc? What about past photos?

Of course! Through the years, there have been many happy grannies, surprised by the delivery truck & KBP! Just let me know who you would like to ship to and we will get it there.

can i ship a gift to a family member?

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